Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Progress With Peanuts

      It has been a while since I have updated on my Daughters Oral Immunotherapy for her peanut allergy. In my last blog entry, a noted that we had been having set backs. I am so happy to update, that since then, she has been seeing her allergist each week for a month now. Each week successfully upping her dosage of peanuts, with Zero reaction. Yay its finally working!!! We are on our last week of liquid dosing. Next week we start our "pill form" type dosing. Although this still isn't close to eating a full peanut in each dose. I feel like we are doing the best for our little girl. Each week as we get further into this program I am getting more excited for her future. A future without worrying about birthday parties, family events, & school. When food will no longer be life threatening.
(Waiting at the Allergist Office)                                            (nurse getting ready to give a peanut dose)

      My Daughter just started school this last couple of weeks. At first, I was super nervous to get her started and not be in complete control over her food. To hand over the responsibility of her food allergy to another adult scared me. Lucky for us She has great teachers, who take her allergy seriously. Her teachers are constantly on top of her allergy, asking me what she can and cannot have. It surprises me how stupid people are. One of the other moms in her class brought in a "snack time", type food to donate to the classroom. The teachers informed the mother that their is a child with a peanut allergy in the classroom. the mother responded. "These are ORGANIC it should be fine", I don't even know how to respond to that. HELLO peanuts are organic. And by the way yes their were peanuts listed not only in the ingredients but also in the allergy warning in bold. I am just thankful that her teachers knew better.

We also had a birthday
(Happy 5th birthday to my Birthday Girl who LOVES Cinderella)