Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New to Blogging

I have decided its far beyond time I get into blogging and share my daily journey of motherhood.
I am a married mother of three, who has the busiest job of them all.  I work 100+ hours a week, and attempt to give my kids the appearance that I am brilliant, all knowing, glamorous, full of ideas, never ending energy and on top of it all.
You guessed it, I am also a stay at home mom.  But luckily for me my oldest is three and hasn't quite discovered just yet that I am anything but Fabulous!

I cook and bake, sometimes it turns out great and sometimes not so much.  But every now and then I come up with something really cleaver and it turns out fabulously and I can't help but share my accomplishments with others.  So if you follow my blog, you'll see the occasional recipe gone great and I imagine the gone bad too:)

Like most women after just having a baby, I am out on a quest to lose that lingering baby fat.  It's true running after three kids does in fact provide a lot of exercise!  Unfortunately, when I hear the "mommy can I have a treat", I find it hard to only hand one over to the kids and not enjoy one for myself.  Which is why I am awfully glad I really enjoy working out, and make the time as often as I can for a little ME fitness time.  I look forward to sharing my journey from baby fat to wonder woman:)

I have many hobbies, but like all mom's I don't get to spend much time on them.  I can't remember the last time I read a book that wasn't a princess picture storybook.  Oh wait, yes I can!  It was in college:)
I love to camp and enjoy the outdoors.  But do miss when it only took me five to ten minutes to throw an overnight bag together.  Now packing has become an all day or week adventure.  Although I must admit being a mother has significantly increased my abilities in this.  I can miraculously fit into a minivan what most people would consider the impossible and I take great pride in that talent and ability!

So this post shall start my new blogging journey:)


  1. Wow. You sound like you've already accomplished becoming Wonder Woman to me. :)