Friday, April 19, 2013

This Mommys got sleepy newborn syndrome

    We all know it can be very difficult to get that new baby to go to bed at night and stay asleep. It can drain you to the core and bring out the worst in yourself. This can be even harder for a brand new Mommy. I am hoping to share some wisdom to you new mommies out there. I am reminded of how difficult it can be with each new baby I have brought into the world. Since I am going through this right now for the third time, it’s been on my mind a bit more.

    With my first child I remember being up all hours of the night constantly rocky my newborn in my arms till she was all the way asleep. This is where I went wrong! 1st rule don’t be afraid to let your baby cry a little.

   With my second baby I was bound and determined not to spoil him like I did with my first. I realized quickly that babies love to be rocked, but they need to learn independence in order for Mommy to get more sleep. rule #2 make sure you have a swing. Swings are the best invention EVER (try and find the kind that plug into the wall you will save money on batteries). I taught my second son to fall asleep without the assistance of his mommy with little to no crying and was able to transition from the swing to just lying him in bed when he was awake he knew it was bedtime and would just dose off. Well I thought I was awesome, I thought I knew it all, I thought I was like the "baby whisperer", until baby #3 came into the picture.

    I never realized how easy baby number two was until my next son was born. This boy loves to cuddle and will cry and cry and cry. But like I said never be afraid to let your baby cry. Right now I am working slowly with him to get him trained. But with my swing and letting him cry for a min or two i have high hopes he will be trained quickly.

    Okay, now that you got the idea of how to get those precious babies to sleep let’s talk about sleeping through the night. The tinnier the baby the harder this will be, but to you moms out there that have healthy babies growing right on track or maybe chunkier, this is for you. When baby wakes up during the night to feed force the binky, don’t pick up the baby and don’t rock the baby just keep putting a binky in their mouth. If baby just won’t take the binky then go ahead and feed. Keep lights off, don’t play with your baby, try to avoid diaper changes if possible, and as soon as baby is done feeding burp him/her and put them right back in their bed. This will teach them night time is for sleeping, and by putting them in their bed instead of your bed it will teach them not to climb in bed with you when their older, and its much safer for baby too.

    Good luck to all you new moms. It’s true it does get easier with each child, as we learn to be more of a tough love kind of mom. But remember it is easier to be a good mommy when you have had sleep, so get those babies trained :)


  1. I am waiting on baby #3 to just stinking arrive!!

    1. I think #3 was my worst pregnancy yet. I am so glad its over. Good luck on your new baby :)

  2. Great information, especially for new mothers! Thanks for linking up on my Motivational Monday:)