Thursday, August 8, 2013

Frog Fuel Product Review

I had a great opportunity to review an awesome product that I had never heard of before. When Frog Fuel first arrived I was excited. I love trying new products out especially something that was going to be good for my health and help me out with my fitness goals. They sent me two different types of Frog fuel to try out. The first one was the frog fuel protein shot, and the second is the frog fuel energized protein shot.

I noticed that these products were developed by Navy seals. Who better to invent a product to fuel our workout needs than a Navy Seal. I loved that! As I did more research I found The creators, Alex and Jeff, were dissatisfied with all of the standard nutrition supplements available to them. So since they could not find anything worthy of fueling their rigorous workout routines, they made their own supplemental fuel source.

First I tried the Frog Fuel Protein Shot. I love finding easy ways to get my protein in to help me gear up for my workouts. This was a Berry flavor, at first I loved the flavor but as I kept drinking it felt kind of a strong berry flavor. I was glad that the shot was small I really don't think I could have drank much more than the pouch required to drink. I went off on my workout and felt like I had a bit more energy to get me through my workout.

Second, I tried the Frog Fuel Energized Protein Shot. This one had the same similar berry taste. At first it’s really sweet, then a little bit tangy, again not too bad of a taste. I just cant handle much more than the pouch has too tangy for me. This pouch has a caffeine kick to it. Caffeine has a bit of an effect on me so I really noticed a big energy boost when I took it. It gave me so much energy that after my workout I still had so much energy to play with my kids.

The Frog Fuel slogan reads, “Everything you need, nothing you don’t.” What a concept! I wish more food products and supplements employed that simple yet brilliant philosophy. It has no added sugar, no banned or artificial substances, and is lactose and gluten free. It’s simply made up of amino acids, water, collagen protein, taurine, and natural flavors.

I really enjoyed this product. and I am so glad I got the opportunity to try it out and tell you all about it.

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So tell me, what are your favorite types of workouts?  Do you use Performance Shots?  Have you ever tried FrogFuel?

Disclaimer, FrogFuel provided the samples for my review purposes.  All thoughts expressed above are my own.


  1. My favorite workout is running followed closely by strength training. I don't routinely use performance supplements other than protein powder.

    I've tried FrogFuel and while I love the convenience and the fact that their product isn't the consistency of a gu. I'm not a sweets eater and FF was just too sweet for me. I would def use their product otherwise. It's great for athletes that wouldn't mind the sweetness.

    1. I completely agree, I think this is a great product. however very sweet