Friday, August 2, 2013

Peanut Allergy Treatment Day 1 !!!

     We finally had our 1st appointment today for my Daughters Peanut Allergy Treatment, with using Oral Immunotherapy. Anticipation for this appointment was killing us. Our original appointment was scheduled over a month ago, but they had to cancel because they didn't have the peanut flour in yet. We had rescheduled the appointment for last week but we had to cancel it because my daughter caught a small cold, and you cannot be sick for the first day because they are working with the immune system and need it fully charged. So, today our highly anticipated appointment finally arrived!
Lauren waiting for her next peanut dosage
     At 8 AM We checked in and waited, while the Doctor and Nurses were preparing our peanut doses and checking in everyone else in our group. By 9 AM we began the very first dose of peanut flour. They took small amounts of peanut flour and mixed it in Kool-Aid for the kids to take so it wouldn't taste bad. The first day of treatment is LONG, keeping my 4 year old entertained in a small space for 8 hours was the most difficult part of the day. what made it even harder, was the other kids there were much older than she was and all boys.

     The goal of the day was to get 25 doses of peanut flour. These doses were administered every fifteen minutes. Each dose contained a larger dose than the one before. These doses were so small that by the end of the day she still hadn't consumed a full peanut, just microscopic amounts to slowly build up immunity.  We almost hit the full 25 doses but at dose #22 my daughter had a minor reaction so they stopped the doses on her, and gave her Zyrtec monitored her closely for an hour and sent us home with dose #21 to take twice a day, every twelve hours for the next week.
Taking her dose at home

     When the nurses came around administering the very 1st dose I remember being so scared, frightened that at any moment my daughter could have a dangerous reaction. As the day progressed and still no sign of a reaction my fears went away, and as the parents calmed down the kids followed. At dose #22 I noticed my daughter itching her back. I pulled her near to me and noticed she had a couple hives. We informed the Nurse, who was in the room with us, and she grabbed the Doctor. He decided that it was time for my Daughter to end the day. Even though she was the first in the group to end, as the others were not having any reactions and made it to the full 25 doses. Our doctor informed us that her blood test showed a very high level of peanut allergy compared to those in the same group as her.  Our Doctor was happy she made it past dose #18. Our Doctor thought  she would of had some level of reaction to the peanuts much sooner.  I feel as if it was a major accomplishment, especially since she has such a high level of peanut allergy in her. So, day #1 HUGE success!!!
Peanut solution they gave us to take home
     I am nervous about doing the remainder of the week at home, but the doctor assured me that she now has a level of tolerance to peanuts and she should be just fine on the dose he gave me. I have administered a few doses at home with no complications. I am so hopeful that this treatment will work for her. We were advised to call the doctor if she were to have any reaction during the week and if she were to ever get sick with a cold or fever as this will influence the amount of peanut he would want her on.

     I am thrilled that my daughter is so lucky to be able to do this, and especially thrilled that she gets to do it before she will start school. As a mother to a daughter who has such a severe peanut allergy, it breaks my heart watching her feel like she is different or not normal. Imagine watching your child go to birthday parties, or family functions and not being able to eat what everyone else is having and wondering why they cannot, why they have to be different. At a young age a child cannot comprehend what this allergy is, and the side affects it will have on their body. I've comforted her many times when she felt as if she didn't fit in. I am so thankful that we live in a time where treatments are starting to blossom out for young kids that just want to feel "normal".

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