Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fighting Boogers One Nostril At A Time..

     I'd like to give you my review on the Nasal Aspirator and Saline Drops for newborns.  These are both items I have used with all three of my children and would like to share for any new moms out there who may not know about them.

Graco Nasal Clear Nasal Aspirator

    This is one of my favorite product out there for sucking boogers out of a newborns nose.  I love it, the only thing I have not liked is that if the batteries are not brand new, then the suction power goes down.  

My babies have never cried much when I suck out the nasty juices in their noses with this. The manual Nasal Aspirator that the hospital gives you are great, but my kids always fussed and sometimes got bloody noses from fighting with them to clear out those little noses. I love this product, must buy for new moms!!!

Don't forget to get saline drops

     Saline drops are safe for newborns noses. It is used to thin out those pesky boogers, so the nose sucker can easily swipe them out. Our pediatrician recommended both of these products to us when we had our first child and I have been using them since.  Love them!!!

Your Turn, so tell me have you used this product, or something similar?  What types of products do you use with your kids that you can't live without?

Disclaimer:  I am not endorsing this exact product, nor was I asked or paid by this company to do this review.  This review is based entirely on my own opinion.


  1. Some friends of our had suggested this to us and let me just tell you how impressed i was with the nasal aspirator. It does the job so fast and the beauty of it is i can see what color her boogers are which actually helped us determine this week that she had a sinus infection. Don't think i will ever go back to the manual one.

  2. The only time I use the Manual one, is if our batteries ran out.