Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Scary Truth About Peanuts.

    I know I write a lot about my daughter and her peanut allergy on this blog. This allergy has somewhat redefined our lives.  Today an old friend of mine whose son has a peanut allergy was exposed to a peanut today at school. School a place where we should feel safe to send our children. A place that not only am I scared to death for my child to start, but I am scared of the lack of training the teachers have on this allergy.

They do not understand that it isn't just the peanut my child is allergic to. It's food that have been processed at a facility that uses peanuts. Strange foods, foods you wouldn't even think of checking like Cheese, Marshmallows, lollipops, sour cream, yogurt, bread, pretty much any pre-made bakery item, donuts, cookies, cake. This list could go on and on.

 I wish that every teacher was required to be trained on all food related allergies. I wish they could teach them everything I had to learn overnight with my daughters allergy, it isn't difficult to learn just check the labels. Labels in all foods, mayo mustard, flour, sugar, etc. There are so many children affected by food related allergies. It boggles my mind how people don't take this allergy seriously. this is something that could kill my child. Careless individuals that don't take me seriously when I say my child cannot have this.

A few months back I was shopping at a nearby grocery store, they were giving away cookies to kids. they asked my daughter if she wanted a cookie well of course she said, "yes". I stopped the man and said, "She cannot she is allergic to peanuts." he said ,"Oh there are no peanuts in these cookies she can surely have one it wont hurt her." I continued to tell him no, he continued to follow me around the store bothering me and my daughter, who is too young to understand why she couldn't have a cookie. Finally, after numerous times of him telling me that my daughter can have this cookie, and literally following me around the store I said, "show me the packaging from which these cookies contain". He then brought it to me, I pointed out in the allergy warning, "This item is processed in a facility that contains peanuts.", I didn't have to say anything to him after that he apologized and walked away. I wish people would take me seriously. I know what I am talking about I know what my daughter can and can't have.

This allergy is not only real, it is dangerous. Would you let your toddler play with a loaded gun? Of course you wouldn't. That is why I wont let my child eat food that I don't know where its come from. I wont let people babysit my daughter that wont take her allergy serious. I wont, because the value of my daughters life is far more valuable than any treasure the world has to offer me. It isn't worth risking her life.

This brings me back to school safety with peanut allergies. I know I will one day soon need to let go of my child's hand and send her off to school. Hoping I have educated her enough to keep her safe from the dangers of her allergies. I will do my best to educate her teachers as well, but I must walk away and find a way to trust that she will be okay.  Seeing my friend go through this with her child scares me a little more. I hope that those at her school are a little more educated and take her allergy a little more seriously, for not only the sake of her child but for the sake of all moms out there that send there babies off to school with this scary allergy.

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