Friday, May 17, 2013

Healthier Me

   Fitness Friday

    I have recently celebrated my 30th birthday, most people might dread leaving their twenties and getting older. I am taking a different attitude and embracing life and age. I decided to give myself a goal of living my 30s, 40s, and beyond with a healthier lifestyle, and an awesome body to match it. Who says growing old isn't fun. I think its all in how you look at yourself and treat yourself.

    Being fit is all about a lifestyle change. Dieting is just a quick fix to my physical self. If I change the way I look at food and exercising I will permanently change who I am and begin a journey that will not only make me look better but feel better about myself and my health.

     I started this Journey almost two years ago. I have lost a grand total of 30 pounds, it probably would of been more than this, but I also just gave birth to a new baby. Its probably not healthy and safe to lose weight when your pregnant.  While pregnant I maintained my healthy lifestyle and was able to only gain 30 pounds of pregnancy weight, instead of 50 pounds like I did with my first pregnancy. So I am pretty proud of myself for accomplishing this.

    Changing my eating habits wasn't easy. Slowly over time it has started to mold the way I think about food, and the way I think about what I am feeding my kids. A Moms choice to eat healthier affects the entire family. Instead of buying treats I buy fruit, and yes my kids actually think fruit is a treat. I must be mother of the year for this one! This year I am going to attempt to plant a garden in hopes that maybe I can save a few bucks from constantly buying veggies at the store. I don't have a green thumb at all, so this will be a challenge. I know this step will help me on my journey of a healthier me. If anyone has any gardening tips, send them my way. Eek..

    So here is to my thirties, may they be filled with great health, and happy memories.


  1. Very true about the lifestyle change, good for you :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I remember when I turned 30 my boss asked me "Do you know the good thing about turning 30?" and when I said no, his response was "Me neither. Its different for everyone. But it is a new phase in your life and you make it as good as your want to". I always remember that. So here is to making your 30s even better that your 20s! :)

    1. thanks, I hope my 30s are better than my 20s.

  3. Happy birthday! My 30s were amazing and my 40s have been even better! I would not be able to say that had I not decided to change my lifestyle and become a better version of me :)